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Favorite Teacher

Nominate your favorite teacher beginning October 1, and we will be giving away $100 every Friday until the end of October to that week's lucky teacher!

Coastal Pediatric Associates wants to help those working hard in the community to meet the needs of the children. Teachers are a prime example of just that!  In the month of October, we will be awarding 4 teachers with a $100 gift card for serving the community.

How to Nominate Your Favorite Teacher:

All you have to do is nominate your teacher with the form below and ask others in your class to nominate too!  We will add all the nominations from that week to our hat and pick one lucky teacher every Friday!  "Like" our social media pages and stay tuned to see if your teacher is the lucky winner of that week. The teacher with the most nominations throughout the month of October will win a very special treat; stay tuned for more details on that prize!

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  • SFH: Colliton
  • ECMC: Caristi
  • RMPH: Caristi
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